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Lisbon Boat Tour - Boat Rental

View on the Tagus river, in the background is the Jesus statue & in the front are 3 sailing boats the sun is shining.
Lisbon at it´s beautiful Tagus - not only a luxurious treat for your vacation program

Private Boat Tour Lisbon - A Different Perspective

A boat tour on the Tagus River (Tejo) will open your eyes to a different perspective of Lisbon. The viewpoints on land, the so-called "Miradouros" offer the most beautiful vantage points of the city. But anyone who has already had the pleasure of viewing the city from the water knows how extraordinary this experience can be. The feeling of freedom and carelessness away from all the noise of the city. A moment to relax and enjoy. For the historians among us, it's more like a historical and architecture lesson you'll never forget. The view of Lisbon from a boat is like the final piece of a puzzle. All the stories and architectural works come together in one picture. The view of the city and its monuments is truly stunning.

Under those circumstances, it is a pleasure to spend time on a rented yacht with your loved ones. And wait until you try a sunset cruise. A truly memorable experience.

A tour with a boat on the Tagus is not only a luxurious treat for your vacation program.

Private Boat Tour in Lisbon or Public Boat Tour?

Exploring Lisbon from the water is a popular activity, and understanding the differences between public and private boat tours can help you make the right choice for your yacht rental in Lisbon. Regardless of what you choose, both types are fantastic options.

Private Boat Tour

A private boat tour in Lisbon is an experience that will stay in your memory for a lifetime. Compared to public boat tours, it offers you the opportunity to enjoy an intimate atmosphere and let your emotions and joy run wild – that means triple the fun factor! Connect to our Bluetooth speaker and play your favorite music because the yacht is all yours and your friends!

Whether you're planning a birthday, a vacation, a special celebration, or simply want to spend an unforgettable day with friends and family, our private yacht rental in Lisbon fulfills your wishes and creates the perfect atmosphere. Here, you can share precious moments, enjoy the picturesque views of the city and the sea, and savor the joy of togetherness.

Public Boat Tour

A boat tour on the Tagus River in a mixed group is ideal for those who want to make new friends while keeping their budget in check. The atmosphere on board varies from lively celebrations with singing and dancing to relaxed wine tastings, accompanied by good music and lovely conversations. Regardless of the mood on board, it's always fantastic! With our Jenneau Sun Odyssey, you can save a ticket for a 2-hour Tagus River Tour in a mixed group starting at just 50€. Of course, we also offer the option of a private tour with our Jenneau Odyssey.

From the river into the sea

The Tagus River (Tejo) flows into the Atlantic Ocean and can be reached very quickly by boat. Check with our captain in advance which beach or beautiful bathing place is worth a visit.

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