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Enjoy a Yacht Vacation Week


The Arrábida Natural Park, a top holiday spot in Portugal

Vacation Trip to Arrabida

The Arrábida Natural Park is located south of Lisbon and is undisputedly one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in Portugal. Impressive limestone cliffs, covered with lush green vegetation, meet clear & bright blue water. The nature park in Arrábida is not only a popular recreation area for people from Lisbon. It is also home to rare animal and bird species, including naturally over 30 dolphins. These are not camera-shy, as they like to swim into the boat's bow or stern wave to play. Arrábida offers a balance of relaxation and activities. So, for those who don't want to spend the whole day chilling on the boat, fear not, there's plenty to explore! In addition to water activities like snorkeling or exploring water caves and hidden beaches, there are also really great activities on land: like climbing, golfing, paragliding, or a horseback riding trip on the beach. There's certainly something for everyone.

Best Yacht for a Week

  • Catamaran (Beds up to 8 Guests)
    A true wonder in terms of comfort and space, representing our most likely choice.

  • Yacht Princess (Beds up to 2 Guests)
    The Yacht Princess also performs very well and scores here with extra space thanks to its flybridge.

Praia de Galapinhos

Overnight Stays & Catering Options

  • Overnight stays on the boat within the safety of a marina.

  • Breakfast and Lunch options available on board or ashore.

  • Dinners at local Restaurants.

  • Additional snacks and drinks available on board, with the option to stock up on supplies ashore.

Destinations: From Lisbon to Arrábida by Yacht

In consultation with us, a customized tour for your holiday can be created. The itinerary for a week-long boat vacation might look like this:

  • Lisbon

  • Cascais

  • Sesimbra

  • Arrábida

  • Tróia

  • Return to Lisbon

Water Activities in Arrábida

  • Dolphin Watching: Experience the joy of watching dolphins in their natural habitat.

  • Snorkeling: Dive into crystal-clear waters and explore the underwater world.

  • Scuba Diving: For a deeper dive into the marine life. (click to view)

  • Discovering Beaches: (click to view)

    • Praia do Ribeiro do Cavalo

    • Praia dos Coelhos

    • Galapinhos Beach (Best Beach Europa 2017)

    • Galapos Beach

    • Praia da Malha da Costa

  • Exploring Water Caves & Sea Arches in Sesimbra

  • Stand-Up Paddleboarding: 2 Boards on our Yacht

Dolphin watching in Arrabida & snorkeling
Golf Troia

Contact us

We are happy to assist you with planning your vacation week on a yacht. Please do not hesitate to contact us; we will assist you in planning and providing more information. 

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Author: Patrick Verhoeven

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