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Best Wedding Proposal Idea in Lisbon

Marriage Proposal on a Yacht

An unforgettable wedding proposal that she'll never forget - charter a private yacht in Lisbon


Marriage proposal on a chartered boat

A private boat tour in Lisbon can be an incredibly romantic and unique proposal idea for you and your loved one. Picture the enchanting atmosphere aboard a chartered yacht, cruising amidst the stunning scenery of the city. What more could you need? Sunshine, champagne, food, music and of course, your charm! Their heart will surely melt away. Sounds like a strong basis for a "Yes"! Whether you choose a private boat tour at sunset or during the day, both options are sure to make for an unforgettable moment.

Lisbon and its surroundings offer many ideal locations for a proposal on a yacht.

Certainly, the specifics also depend on your vision. Yacht Charter Lisbon is more than happy to consult and support you with creating the most romantic proposal imaginable.

Proposal locations in & around Lisbon

Lisbon is a wonderful place for a proposal. As the warm sunlight bathes the city's historical facades, the view from the river showcases impressive monuments, churches, and the statue of Christ.

Besides Lisbon itself, there are many locations around Lisbon that are also perfect for an engagement proposal.

Places like the Nature Resort of Arrabida or beaches such as Fonte da Telha & Troia offer idyllic environments for this special moment.

Talk to us in advance and our skipper will ensure to place you at the most beautiful spots.


The right timing for your engagemt

Our Yacht Charter in Lisbon is available year-round, thanks to the consistently stable weather in Portugal, especially during the summer months.

You have the option to rent our skippered yachts for a few hours or for several days, even including overnight stays. With a minimum of 48 hours notice, we can even arrange a private chef to prepare fresh, delicious meals for you onboard.

But what about winter? Absolutely, even in the winter, the experience can be exceptionally beautiful onboard.

boat tour

What time of day is ideal for your boat tour in Lisbon?

If you enjoy the warmth of the sun on your skin and the chance for a refreshing swim, we suggest considering our afternoon tours.

Alternatively, if you prefer comfortable, mild weather without intense heat, our morning boat tours are a great choice. Typically starting around 10.00 am, mornings also offer the advantage of less water and city traffic in Lisbon, resulting in a quieter and more peaceful atmosphere.

For those seeking a touch of romance, our sunrise cruises are exceptionally popular.

In summary, our yacht charter services offer a wide range of options, from short hourly trips to full-day excursions with overnight stays. We are dedicated to making your engagement experience truly unforgettable, including the option to have a chef onboard if desired. Check out what our Yacht Charter in Lisbon has to offer.

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Lisbon is a great place to be & I love to share my insights with you. I am founder, captain and author of Yacht Charter Lisbon.

Author: Patrick Verhoeven

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