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Which boat is best for your trip?

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Day Trip, Party, or Vacation on a Boat: Take a Look to Find Which Boat Suits You Best!


Number of Guests on Board

Each yacht has a maximum allowed number of persons. The more guests you have, the larger the boat needs to be. Even at full capacity, our boats provide ample space for everyone.

Comfort & Space Performance

  • Catamaran & Yacht Alalunga: (16 & 22 Guests)
    These two models are true wonders in terms of comfort and space, representing our most luxury yachts.

  • Yacht Princess: (10 Guests)
    The Yacht Princess also performs very well and scores here with extra space thanks to its flybridge.

  • Beneteau Oceanis: (14 Guests)
    Features multiple sunbeds at the front of the deck and seats in the back. It is an ideal choice for classic sailboat enthusiasts.

Which Boat suits your Occasion?

River Tour

  • All our boats are brilliant choices for a River Tour on the Tagus River. The Beneteau Oceanis is popular among those who love sailing. If you're looking for a bit more comfort and luxury, our other three boats should be your preferred choices.

Parties (Bachelor, Birthday, Corporate Events, New Year´s, etc.)

  • Bachelor Party: Typically rented for 3-4 hours.

  • Birthday: Typically rented for 2-6 hours. For the 2h tour, only the Beneteau Oceanis is available. All other boats are available starting from a 3h rental.

  • Corporate Events: Typically rented for 3-6 hours (often with a chef or buffet).

  • New Year's Eve: We recommend our Catamaran, Yacht Princess, and Yacht Alalunga.

Vacation (Trips to Algarve or Arrabida)

  • Our boats can also be rented for a vacation trip to Arrábida or to the Algarve. Both are wonderful destinations. Two of our skippers will always be on board with you. We plan with you an individual tour that suits your needs. Regarding meals, breakfast and lunch can be prepared on the boat, for instance. In the evening, passengers often enjoy dining at a nice restaurant on land. Overnight stays depend on the weather conditions.
    Either we stay on the boat in the harbor or in a safe bay. Our yachts have different numbers of beds; please refer to the table above for more information.


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Author: Patrick Verhoeven

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